Friday, April 11, 2008

How do i prevent my kids from becoming spoilt brats? Erica JB

Hi Erica!To answer your question, we must first look at the factors that cause parents to "spoil" their kids. We live in a workaholic society that means we get to spend less time with the children. Many parents tend to compensate by buying them expensive gifts instead of spending quality time. Some of us also have more disposable income and lesser children than our parents so we feel its our right to buy them the things we could never have. And it's not just about money. After putting in a full day's work and battling traffic jams, we come home to a whole list of household chores which mean we are EXHAUSTED individuals . As a result ,many parents feel it's easier to give in to the child's demands rather than discipline them. My sincere advice is to BE THE PARENT at all times. Don't be afraid to assert your authority. If no means no, you've gotta act like you mean it. They will throw a fuss , of course, but over the long run, they will grow to respect you. Also ,be reasonable at other times and give each child individual time so they know that you are there for them