Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nurturing your child's interest

Have you discovered your child is interested in volcanoes? Or he can't stop talking about animals ? Something other than video games ....what to do next ? Here's how to no nurture his/her interest.....who knows you may have a budding scientist living under your roof

1) Identify what his interests are exactly
2) Get him the books....if he's not a big reader, get him to watch documentaries that are related to his subject of interest
3) Encourage him to talk about it. Listen avidly even if his thoughs are not coherent or even if you think it's impractical
4) Support your child and make time for his new hobby. Human's sense of self is often tied to what they do. So encouraging him to develop new interests will help boost his/her self esteem
5) Have fun. Take him to road shows related to his/her new interest