Thursday, February 28, 2008

We have a playground near my house but i seldom take my 3 year old son because he throws a tantrum when it's time to leave.It's embarassing! Qi

Hi Qi ! Tantrums are every parents nightmare , especially a full blown tantrum which involves screaming, lying on the ground and crying ( not to mention dirty stares from on lookers). I will discuss a 5 step approach to dealing with tantrums in another post. Today i will focus on the palyground issue. You need to stress to your child that when it's time to go, he has to go. Start making him aware by doing a countdown.You should keep him informed on how long time he has left, telling him he has 15 minutes left, then 10 minutes left ,then 5 minutes etc. Then explain to him that if he behaves well, you will reward him (eg take him to the park again the next day). Children like rules and regulations. And they love rewards. So make sure you danggle a carrot. Good luck :)