Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New ways of learning?

A new study has shown that there are 4 types of ways children learn and pick up new concepts :

1) The Verbal Learner

This child has a flair for language and loves to read. The downside is ,he/she might be having difficulty in mathematics.

Approach : " As soon as your child learns something new, have her write it down and explain it out to you lould ," says Prof Mel Levine MD , Professor of Paediatrics at the North Caroline University.

2) The Visual Learner

This child responds to graphics and loves art. Tends to hing towards creativity

Approach :" The best way to teach a child like this is to use picture methods. Get books with a lot of graphics and diagrams inside " says Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D

3) The Auditory Learner

These children learn by listening. You may find them sitting in a corner, memorizing facts by repeating it to themselves our aloud.

Approach : Auditory learners understand new ideas best when they can listen to themselves say it. So if your child has already founds an effective way of doing this, leave them be

4) Kinesthetic Learner

This child can't sit still !

Approach : When your child is doing his homework, don't insist that he sits still. If he must fidget with something, give him an eraser to fiddle with. The controversial reason? In some kids, activity stimulates the child's brain and may help him concentrate.